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Calling all business owners who want to dive deep into their strategic business plan so they can serve more clients, earn more money, and still have time for the things that matter most.

I'm in!

...Have you ever wished you could dedicate a few days to your business plan without having to deal with emails, client work, and phone calls? 

...Do you want more connections with other business owners who really get what it’s like to be in charge of everything, and have been there like you have?

...Do you have a deep drive to run a mission-based business, but you also need to make money for your bills, and you’re having a hard time making the two fit together?

Picture it:

You, me, and 39 other business owners hashing out strategy, plans, and priorities for the next year. We’ll do it with desert hikes, sunshine, poolside cocktails, and stunning sunsets. You’ll get the chance to let your hair down for a few days, because you’ll be with other people who really understand the unique pressures of running your own business - you don’t have to pretend that everything is perfect when under the surface you’re barely holding it together. 





Introducing: the Becoming Brazen Retreat

Becoming Brazen is about dropping the shame and stepping into bold action. It’s also about bucking tradition and expectation, and creating a business and life that are right for YOU.

This retreat is for you if:

  • You binge listen to the We Can Do Hard Things Podcast - and you’re pretty sure you’d be best friends with Abby, Amanda, and Glennon in real life

  • You need space to think strategically - and then space to start implementing (because we all know if you go straight home you won’t ever get that new project started!)

  • You need help figuring out how to prioritize, because your never-ending to-do list feels like a tidal wave that’s about to crash and wipe you out

  • You know that we are better together, and you want time to connect with and get ot know other smart, driven, and ambitious entrepreneurs

  • You’ve ever had feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome - even though on the outside you look like you’re totally successful and have everything under control

  • You need to be reminded that it is okay to rest and play. You’ll still have plenty of time to get your work done when you get home.

Can we have a moment of real talk? The last few years have been hard as hell, and I know so many business owners who are burned out. They’re tired of working alone, they feel like they’ve been pushing rocks uphill, and they don’t know if they want to keep going. But I don’t want you to give up yet. 

What you’ve been missing is direction, community, and finding meaning in your work. I know that because that’s what I’ve been missing, too, and that’s why I’ve created the Becoming Brazen event.

At Becoming Brazen, you’ll do business retreat-type things like:

  • Learning how to strategically scale and grow your online service-based business
  • Spending time mapping out your next steps, choosing priorities, and then actually taking time to implement
  • Taking a good look at your too-big to-do list, and get serious about cutting out everything that’s not serving you or helping you reach your goals
  • Meeting dozens of smart, driven, and ambitious entrepreneurs - it’s about time we all got together in one room, don’t you think?
  • Stepping out of the day-to-day work IN your business and take time to work ON the bigger mission-driven picture of business

But because this retreat is also about Becoming Brazen, you’ll also:

  • Practice trusting yourself and your intuition as you make decisions for your business
  • Learn how to address the hard stuff like feeling isolated, the constant pressure of making every single decision, and worrying you are making the wrong choice
  • Deal with the burnout you’ve been feeling and create a plan so you can come back better and strong, and avoid burnout again in the future
  • Gain more inspiration so you can go back home ready to kick ass and take names the rest of this year

Here's whats included in your ticket:

Live Session

Two full days of live, in-person training + implementation with Julia Sarver and her team

Targeted Training

Targeted training sessions to get you EXACTLY what you need to get unstuck and moving forward in your business again

Focus Sessions

Daily Focus Sessions to implement what you’re learning and get coaching and support from Julia and her team on site - this means you’ll get my eyes on YOUR business at no extra cost

Beverage Services

Daily coffee, tea,
and green juice service

Luxurious Amenities

Enjoy the resort's luxurious amenities including pools, hot tub, spa, fitness trails, golf course, koi pond and onsite waterfall.

Cocktail Hour

A hosted cocktail hour to unwind and connect

Swag Bag

Your very own “swag bag” packed with treats and surprise gifts

Get Inspired

Priceless aha moments, new ideas, and connections with other business owners

Business Refresh

The refresh you need to be excited about your business again

Hi, I'm Julia!

I know you because I AM you. I’ve been where you are, and I can show you how to get to where I am.

I graduated from nutrition school way back in 2009, but didn’t always know how to run a successful coaching practice. Since then, I’ve developed a wildly successful short whole foods detox that has served over 1,000 clients. This is the program that saved my business.

Now, I work with health coaches showing them how to make a full-time living off of their coaching practice. I’ve trained thousands of health coaches in my signature course on How to Run a Cleanse, and work with hundreds of health coaches in my Detox Done and Foundations to $50K programs.

In 2019, I made the leap to being the sole income earner from my family. Since then, my husband, two sons, and I spent 7 months living on the beach in Costa Rica. We’re now settling into mountain life near Sisters, Oregon, where we see elk, wild turkeys, and coyotes on our property. That’s why I love this work - because I get to show you how to turn your dreams into reality, too.

Here’s what can happen for you:

I have 20 new discovery sessions booked, 2 offers to speak at local women's groups and a possible collaboration with a large non-profit health and wellness organization!!! Thanks, Julia, for your amazing program and support!

- Michelle Landry

I'm inspired every time I get on a group call because hearing what others are doing in their businesses helps me stick with my own business goals. And I appreciate Julia's support and commitment to all of us - it gives me hope.

- Mary Ann VanValkenburg

I learned more in 3 hours of your trainings than I have in the past 6 months. Thank you so much, Julia!

- Christine Kramer

I started working with Julia at a time when I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I never felt like I knew enough, and worried about which direction I should be following.

Where I saw confusion and overwhelm, Julia saw clarity and action steps. If you need help getting unstuck and out of your own way, I highly encourage you to work with Julia. I can promise you won’t regret it!

- Karen Rose Tank

At Becoming Brazen, you’ll be able to meet other mission-driven entrepreneurs who care deeply about their work, but who also know they need to find a better balance between work and the rest of their lives. You’ll have the space to talk about the hard stuff, without judgment or shame, or someone telling you to just keep working hard. 

You’ll also be challenged to figure out which parts of your work are nourishing you, and which parts are draining. You’ll have the chance to dig deeper into what really lights you up, and find the cross section of that plus what actually brings in income. That’s because BOTH are important - you need to do work that feels meaningful to you, but you also need to earn a living so you can pay your bills and have fun.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you already know that I’m direct, honest, and transparent about what it takes to run a successful coaching practice. My goal with this retreat is to build community with you and the other attendees, so you feel less alone, and more aligned with the work you know you’re meant to do.

Becoming Brazen is about stepping into bold action.

Here’s the thing: running a business is hard work, and it’s not always pretty. I know because I’ve been doing this work for over 13 years. There have been days I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and give up. The reason I didn’t is that I have a bigger goal that I’m working toward. I want to create freedom for myself and my family: time freedom, financial freedom, and location freedom. 

Has it been easy? Heck no. Has it been worth it? Hell yes. I want to help you to build a business that can handle the hard stuff.

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Our Commitment to Equity

Here at the Confident Health Coach, we're committed to helping coaches and course creators build thriving online businesses that let them live a life they love. We also understand that due to the culture we live in, this is harder for some people than others. 

That's why we have an equity initiative for our done-for-you courses and programs. We recognize that people who belong to historically marginalized communities will have a higher hill to climb when they build their businesses through no fault of their own. We also know that certain communities are underrepresented and underserved with business coaching tools and support.

Because of this, we want to offer 30% off our done-for-you courses as a step toward leveling the playing field. We know this is not the only answer, but it's one thing we can do to support communities that are underrepresented in the health and wellness space and in the online business space.

If you're a member of a historically marginalized community (Black people, Indigenous people, People of Color, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or a member of a community that needs help with accessibility) please consider completing this form. When you do, I'll email you a code for 30% off my programs. 

Click here to access the form.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please email me at [email protected]

Julia + The Confident Health Coach team





Be the first to know when a spot

opens up for the event!

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