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#26: Client Case Study: How Patti Successfully Launched Her Detox While Working a Full-Time Job


In this podcast episode, I get to interview one of my amazing Detox Done clients, Patti. 

Patti recently purchased Detox Done and has already launched her detox not once but TWICE to great success. When she shared that in our members community, I knew I needed to talk with her to find out how she did it! Even if you aren’t a Detox Done client, this episode is worth listening to because Patti details what she focused on to fill her detoxes, how she up-leveled clients into private coaching programs, and what she does to balance it all so she can run her coaching practice while still working a full-time job!

Patti’s enthusiasm was contagious, I know you’re going to love listening in to hear how she keeps work fun AND profitable. A huge thanks to Patti for allowing me to share her story with you.

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