#09: If I Started Over Today, Here’s What I’d Do Differently


 Twelve years ago, I landed in New York City, about to start health coaching school. Back then, classes were in person, and I was so excited about the next chapter of my life. I was also more than a little nervous. 

If I had a time machine, I would love the chance to go back...

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#07: Three Daily Habits for Business Success


Have you ever noticed that the best way to reach your health goals is by setting habits to help you reach them? Well, the same is true for business goals! 

Habits are the key to my long-term business success, and they don’t have to be complicated! In fact, I think it’s...

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You need more self care. Not for you, for your business.

Do you know what self care is?

Do you practice self-care regularly?


Is it something you talk about with clients? 


My guess is the answers to the above questions are of course, yes, and yes. 


Today I want to talk to you about self-care - but not for you, for your...

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