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Who's the decision maker in your business?

Who is the decision-maker in your business?

My guess is that your first inclination is to respond, well, it’s me, right?


I’m not trying to trick you with this question, but I am trying to get you to think a little bit more deeply about who you are when you are making decisions in your business. 


Because, let’s face it - we all have different versions of ourselves, right? There are days when I feel on top of the world and like I can handle anything, and days when I feel so overwhelmed and exhausted that I can’t even figure out what to make for dinner. 


Have you experienced this?


There are also days when my fear is coming up so strongly that it feels nearly impossible for me to make a decision. Or I find myself asking everyone and their mother what they think I should do. The problem with that is that fear is not a good decision-maker, and even though my friends and family can be helpful with providing reflection, it’s ultimately not their responsibility to make these decisions for me.


But there’s one person who is always at her best in my world: future me.  


Future me is a version of myself in the future who knows the answer to a question I might be wrestling with. Whenever I’m struggling with a decision, I always ask myself - what would future me want me to do? Or, what will I wish I had chosen/done a week from now? A month from now? A year from now? Future me always, always knows what to do. 


This is especially helpful on the days when my to-do list feels completely overwhelming and I find myself scrolling on Facebook, or down some research hole that isn’t really helping me get my projects done. In that case, I ask myself - what does you at the end of the workday wish you would do right now? The answer is ALWAYS - pick ONE thing to get done right now and set a timer and work until the time is up. This changes the trajectory of my day more often than I really want to admit.


I'm curious - have you ever asked future you for advice? If not, is this a strategy you’d be willing to try? Comment below and let me know - really, I'd love to hear from you.


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