If I started my business today, here's what I'd do differently

With all the challenges small business owners have faced during Covid-19, it feels more appropriate than ever to take a look at our businesses and figure out where we want to go next. And, because hindsight is 20/20, I want to share 4 things I would do differently if I were starting my business over today. Because let's face it: a lot of us ARE creating new versions of our businesses right now.


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Four Things I'd Do Differently If I Were Starting My Business Today


The Coronavirus Pandemic has created an interesting situation for so many small business owners in that we have to re-think how we go about things. Not only do we need to change how we're talking to customers, but many of us are learning how to work from home when our kids, spouses, and others are home with us. I understand the challenges because my two young sons are home with me, and I want to use this time to be with them.


As I think about how to shift my business going forward, there are four things that I would do differently if I were starting my business over today. 


1. First, if I were starting over today, I would fail faster. I spent a lot of time at the beginning being nervous and hiding out. And, if I’m being really honest with you, there are plenty of places in my business where I’m still doing that. Failing faster allows us to learn faster - so in hindsight, I wish I had offered programs faster and invited more people to work with me, even if they said no. I would have learned how to talk about the work I do and how to market it much faster, which would have led to more clients more quickly.


2. The second thing I would do differently is to create more intentional space around thinking. I have a habit of consuming information, but I don’t always give myself time and space to process the information. I’ve found that if I go for a walk without headphones, I come up with so many creative ideas. This is something that I am actively adding to my routine - more space to just THINK and let my brain be creative. More time for processing and sketching out ideas rather than being specifically productive


3. Third, I would spend less time learning about nutrition and more time learning marketing. Knowing a lot about nutrition might make you a knowledgeable health coach, but that’s not what creates a thriving business. I specifically wish I had spent more time creating my community and building my list. Because those are things that really make a difference for the long-term health of your business.


4. Finally, and this one might be tough to hear, but I wish I had realized earlier, MUCH earlier, that no one is coming to save me. I know that sounds funny, but I was so used to working for an organization and being part of a team that in the back of my mind I thought someone else might find the answers for me. It took me way too long to take full responsibility for my business and for the outcomes I was creating. Looking back, the idea of relying fully on myself was kind of scary. But I have realized that there is so much power in learning how to depend on yourself, and trusting that you can fix any situation and save yourself, and your business. I realize now that I have much more control over my life and how I’m experiencing than I used to believe. And you do, too. 


So, what do you think? Do any of these resonate with you? Do you need to make a shift in your business and life, too? 


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